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How To Find Your Niche Selection

 So many marketers make the mistake of picking the wrong subject area when trying to make money online. They settle on large markets like health, relationships or make money online. The best method would be to choose a sub category like yoga for pregnant women or juice fasting. Generate unique, specialized subject matter (niche) and step outside the mass of competition.

How to find your niche selection

You can't go far wrong if you at first choose one of the three main marketplaces which are health, wealth and relationships. Then produce a sub category like mentioned previously. The explanation for this is to keep out of the way of your competition. It preferably has to interest you to maintain your motivation however it's not essential. Then look at places like Clickbank and JVZoo to see if there are plenty products to be sold on the back of your niche.

If you are promoting yourself via your blog you may make it easier to rank in Google by using long tail keywords.

What is a long tail keyword?

Keywords are words or phrases that people use on the internet to search for things.

If you happen to be successful, when they search for something, they find you as opposed to your competitors. A long tail keyword is really specific. Instead of just Yoga for example, it might be something like Yoga for pregnant women.

A solution for successful blogging when ever promoting your niche would be to optimise your web page with various long tail keywords.

Write each post with this in mind, considering what keywords you will be working with before starting each post.

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