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How To Get Rid Of Your A Pregnancy Headache

 Headaches during pregnancy are caused owing to several factors. These could include withdrawal signs or symptoms of caffeine, excessive stress, dehydration, lack of rest, sleeplessness or even from low sugar levels in the body. Headaches during pregnancy could also be because of poor posture especially as a result of the excess weight around the abdominal region due to the growth of the baby inside the womb. High blood pressure is also a leading cause of severe headaches in pregnant women.

Headaches can be really bothersome, especially if the woman has a history of migraine. The best way to avoid headache is to loosen up and get plenty of sleep. Exercise is always good, even during pregnancy. Mild exercise routines can effectively help in keeping headaches at bay. Well balanced and nourishing diet is important. Hot and cold packs can provide immediate relief from sudden headaches, so these should be kept handy.

Learning simple meditation procedures and key yoga exercises that can be performed during pregnancy can even help in avoiding headache and excessive fatigue. A cold shower can remediate a nagging headache by triggering immediate pain relief. Similarly, cold compress or cold towel held to the head will effectively combat pregnancy headaches. A shower will loosen up the muscles in the body and provide overall relief. Drinking water is an effective way to keep your body hydrated at all times to prevent headache.

At times, headaches could also be caused due to sinus infections. For sinus-related headaches during pregnancy, application of a warm compress should help. If you suffer from severe migraines, getting a good massage around the shoulders, neck, and back will prove to be beneficial. This provides you with immediate relief from migraines. If you are totally stressed out, you could sit in a dark room and meditate. Taking deep breaths is an excellent way of relaxing your body. It will help calm the nerves and provides relief from migraines. To remain in the pink of health during pregnancy, try and eat smaller portions at frequent intervals.

Pregnant women suffering from recurrent headaches should avoid chocolate, alcohol, yogurt, peanuts, sour cream and preserved meats. Heating pads available in all shapes and sizes can be used to provide relief from headache. If your are feeling tired, take a short nap. This would help to refresh your body and mind. It is imperative to refrain from pain killers during pregnancy since they can bring about undesirable side effects.

It is an excellent idea to contact your doctor if you are troubled with blurry vision along with a headache. Pregnant women should also try to maintain steady blood sugar levels to prevent fatigue. Applying the ice pack at the base of the neck is also known to provide relief to a certain extent. Aromatherapy with essential oils like eucalyptus, a gentle massage, or soaking yourself in a bath tub with warm water can all provide instant relief for headaches. Sipping a cup of hot herbal tea will also be very effective in countering headaches and providing the much needed relief.

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