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Mk Web Designs Agency Tips Help You Settle On Between Shared, Dedicated Or Virtual Dedicated Web Site Hosting

 Hosting reliability and its measurement is an important factor in any Milton Keynes web designer's choice for their client web hosting.

When looking for an Internet Service provider (ISP) their trustworthiness of service is assessed as a percentage of up-time. This is the measure of time the server has been running divided by the average down time over a period of one year. A 99.99% yearly up time server reliability figure can be taken as 365 days * 24 hours (or 8760 hosted server hours) so one 100th of one per cent of this time is 52 minutes a year of down time. This server up-time is examined on servers since last reboot and can measure at any time duration. Up time doesn't contain a measure of reliability for the complete infrastructure between the server and the public internet.

If you look at real life server down-time examples then failure of the infrastructure connected to a server is usually the cause. Reliability could be improved with redundancy or duplicate hot standby servers in place.

Any MK web developer will need to consider the SEO impacts of their web hosting for themselves and their clients.

From a perspective of great Search engine optimization, and high traffic handling, then reliability is still the key concern. Search engine optimization is also impacted on by bad porn or spam web sites being hosted on the exact same server or the same website IP address. The overall effect of these bad websites is reputation contamination. Reputation contamination is treated like an average of all of the website reputations held on the server. It really is certain that dedicated hosting, on a dedicated IP address, will allow you to keep your reputation but it has the drawback of higher costs and dedicated hosting makes any hub link ring more identifiable.

Any Milton Keynes web hosting business will have to consider the costs of porting web sites between servers. Porting websites from one server onto another is really a trivial job for any skilled web developer however the roll on impact can be very significant. Any email account should have rotating and changing passwords and IT support should not record or manage password but should only give out new fresh computer generated passwords. This is a crucial security requirement if e-mail support is outsourced. E-mail passwords should not be logged, and also written down, so when it comes to moving website domains between servers it creates a potential workload which might cause loss of emails and final end user frustration with their e-mail systems.

Their are many techniques to deal with the issue of porting e-mail accounts but they all entail a back office overhead cost in time and effort. It is much better to forward plan email migration by either taking the email hosting in-house, on some thing like Exchange Server, or having a separate domain dedicated to company e-mail. The e-mail hosting option is then a matter of back office cost as well as the level of simplicity you wish to achieve.

Should your website need to migrate between servers then Milton Keynes website developers have the local experience to make this back office job with simplicity for you.

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  • Milton Keynes Website Design Agency Tips Assist You To Settle On Between Shared, Dedicated Or Virtual Dedicated Web Site Hosting
  • Milton Keynes Website Design Agency Tips Assist You To Select Between Shared, Dedicated Or Virtual Dedicated Site Hosting

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