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Standard Kinds Of Acne - What Grade Of Acne Do You Have?

 Seeing that we almost all endure acne at one time or another, it may well seem like a waste of time to make an effort and find out what sort of acne we have. Never the less, the severity and form of your acne typically determines the most suitable way to eliminate it. It's kind of like the distinction between a sprained foot and a broken leg. Obviously, you don't always have to proceed to the hospital for a sprained ankle -- while you definitely won't attempt and fix your broken leg at home, right? That said, wouldn't it seem like a smart notion to find out what type of acne you have? Of course it does!

Here are the four acne "grades" and a simple explanation of how to identify them:

Grade One - This is the most common type of acne and it is a somewhat minor form. At this grade of pimples, there are only a small variety of small pimples in each affected area and they're usually restricted to only a few small areas. Plus, there's almost no swelling and the zits aren't usually contaminated. Though there would likely be blackheads, they do not grow that far above the surface. The most distinguishing aspect for this grade is a total lack of reddening and inflammation near the pimple problem parts.

Grade Two - This is one of the most common types of acne there is. With grade two, the trouble areas of acne originate on the facial region yet swiftly start to increase onto the shoulders and higher back. The affected areas have more zits or pimples, and there is very minor intensity of redness and irritation. At this stage, there still is not much puffiness. This is an acne "degree" that you should probably try and cure at home, as there is no need to go see a healthcare professional and spend a fortune on prescription treatment. Your acne is still mild enough that it is easily nothing worth getting upset over. It is clearly treatable with over the counter treatments and even more so with at-home natural acne products and solutions.

Grade Three - The grade when matters start to appear more severe. This particular kind of acne brings irritability and soreness which can trigger mild to severe physical discomfort and pains. You'll find acne on many parts of your body, including your chest, shoulders, and back. Females also tend to experience more problem parts along their jaw line and cheeks. Although this grade is still treatable at home, if it sets off to get TOO out of hand make sure you go see a medical expert because this can very easily escalate and raise to grade four before you know it.

Grade Four - This is the most awful form of acne there is. At this stage, cystic pimples are very widespread and redness, irritability, an infection have reached an almost unbearable level. This form of acne is rather rare but remarkably painful. Furthermore, since most of the problem places are cystic, scarring is significantly common; principally if the person pops or squeezes their zits/pimples. If you're at this level and your acne is literally causing you physical pain even if you touch it or not; it is imperative that you go see a medical expert. Even though there are a great number of natural solutions that can help you, you want to make sure that your advancement is being monitored with a dermatologist to lessen acne scarring as much as possible.

Knowing the types of acne your dealing with is a HUGE and VITAL part of the battle. By being familiar with what you're going up against, effectively treating your acne breakouts will be less challenging and far swifter.

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