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The Best Age Reversing Treatment - Lotions Versus Botox

 The majority of people haven't got any idea as to how "useful" botox treatments are when they're compared with the best anti aging creams. Not only are botox treatments MUCH LESS efficient than continually using anti aging cream, they're not even permanent! Rather than shelling out a crazy sum of money on one "shot" and being finished with the treatment -- as many people think is the case -- you're really going to need to shell out that ridiculous volume again and again!

Is there anything else that demonstrates anti aging creams are better than botox treatment? Regrettably for botox pushers, yes! The list of "downsides" for botox treatments is as huge as it is infuriating, and here is a quick part of that list for you to examine. If these half a dozen negative facets of botox treatment do not persuade you that it's a HORRIBLE option -- and that the best anti aging creams are a better choice -- then nothing can!

- Botox injections are authorized by the FDA for use on 5% of your face. In case you aren't a math expert, that leaves 95% of your face overlooked & neglected. On the other hand, the top age reversing creams out there can be used on your entire face.

- One of the greatest disadvantages of this treatment is the itsy-bitsy fact that you're actually being shot up with a a dangerous toxin. This is not a "metaphor" or a "harsh comparison" -- it's reality. Botulinum is what you really are being injected with. What's botulinum, you wonder? Well, it just happens to be one of the planets most powerful bacterial neurotoxins, that's all.

- It isn't unheard of for the skin to become MORE wrinkly after botox treatments are carried out. This usually occurs next to the injected area.

- When botox gets to be a part of your yearly age reversing regimen -- meaning you obtain a shot every 3 to 6 months -- nerve damage becomes a possible risk.

- Of the many signs of aging which need to be handled, botox treatments only help with ONE; motion wrinkles. All of the other telltale signs of age, such as eye bags, age spots, crows feet, finelines, mouth wrinkles, etc will REMAIN there once the treatment is finished.

- As pointed out earlier, botox injections are by no means permanent. Almost all customers find that their lines and wrinkles return within a mere 4 to 7 months after each shot. This might not mean a great deal to an individual with thousands of dollars to burn, but to the average Jane on a tight budget, $700-$800 per injection is no small expenditure.

If these truths aren't enough to at least cause you to THINK ABOUT switching over to the best anti aging cream, then be my guest, keep on throwing away thousands of dollars every year to have a "expert" inject poison into your body. I'm sure nothing at all will go wrong with that plan.

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