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Video Game Testers - Can Folks Actually Earn Income Testing Games?

 It does not matter if you don't believe it, the fact remains, tens of thousands of people are being paid to test the newest and greatest video game titles. How is this possible? Because game companies absolutely despise losing money!

Professional video game testing is only possible because all those bugs and glitches which often can't be caught via the typical programmers. You have to keep in mind that the job of the game programmer is to create the game, not to perfect every aspect of it and find any likely problems -- such an important and painstaking job belongs to a video game tester.

The professional betagame tester is the one that plays the game and finds out precisely what makes the game good, what causes it to be bad, and/or just what makes the game unplayable. With that said, if video game beta testers weren't a part of the process, releasing video games would certainly be a game of chance; as developers could only "wish upon a star" that the programmers didn't make any mistakes. After all, one small oversight could literally kill a video game's popularity with the gaming community.

What do paid beta game testing jobs involve? Basically, the game tester simply sits down and plays the video game until eventually he/she locates all bugs & possible glitches in his/her designated levels -- that's their primary purpose. Admittedly, it isn't as simple as just sitting back, relaxing, and having fun with a fantastic new game; yet it is still a pretty uncomplicated job nonetheless.

To be a competent game tester, you have to have an excellent attention to detail, seeing as that is what paid game testing is all about. Should you be unable to spot abnormalities, peculiar events, and random glitches, then you have no chance of becoming a game tester, period. That said, if you desire to be a highly paid video games tester, start honing in on your awareness level.

Professional beta game testing requires a deep level of focus & concentration. If you simply play the game like you were at home wearing pajamas, you almost certainly won't be all that productive with regards to tracking down bugs and game destroying glitches. You have to keep in mind that paid beta game testing is a job, and no matter where you might be while testing -- whether it be at home or within a testing center -- you must act professionally and take the job opportunity seriously.

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Should you expect to plop down on your recliner, open a can of coke, eat pizza, and get paid to play video games with your friends all day, you are delusional.

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