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Wedding Arrangement Guidelines - Have You Prepared With A 6 Month Checklist?

 Having a wedding check list with you is more than just about being prepared. It's about saving money, saving time, and above all, protecting your sanity. To plan this event without a wedding check list sounds like trying to build a space station without blueprints or simply a plan to get into space -- it's sheer stupidity!

In case you have yet to get a hold of a checklist for wedding, do yourself a favor and apply the one below. It could very well save you from innumerable hours of headaches and troubles.

6 Months Ahead of the Wedding...

- Converse with your husband/wife about a realistic budget and decide who's family is paying for what.

- Decide on a date, a time, and a location for the ceremony and also the reception.

- Make reservations for locations for the wedding event. - Talk about ceremony with the wedding "officiator".

- Come up with a rough plan of the guest list. - Iron out the rough draft and come up with a semi-finalized guest listing. - Gift Registration.

- Talk over catering and types of food for the wedding reception. If preferred, seek a caterer.

- Begin picking wedding attendants. Extend invitations to chosen attendants.

- Strike up a contract with the professional wedding photographers service and also for the entertainment.

- Decide to order the invitations. - Pick out wedding rings.

- Purchase wedding gown, bridal dresses, plus bridal accessories.

- Give yourself a round of applause, as you've just completed the "6 months before" wedding event check list! 3 Months Prior to the Wedding event...

- Talk with your husband/wife regarding the flowers for the wedding. If in accord, order the flowers.

- Pick a honeymoon setting. Reserve said location as well as travel setups.

- Select the attire for the groom, the usher, as well as the best man.

- Check into wedding permit requirements.

If you desire fewer hassles, better organization, and just an altogether better wedding organizing experience, take this simple wedding checklist by your side. Not only will planning the celebration be much simpler, it might actually be enjoyable!

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